Grid Festival 2014


The inaugural Grid Festival is connecting the ARIs of Adelaide

20 February – 6 March 2014.

The festival will include multi-venue curated exhibitions, studio tours, and a SympARIum. The festival will showcase new contemporary visual art by emerging and unrepresented Adelaide based artists.

The Grid Festival aims to generate critical discussion and enthusiasm for new South Australian art, artists and ideas. Grid Projects encourages collaboration, and creative, brave and risk-taking new works. We are committed to artistic and curatorial practices that are innovative and accessible, promoting engagement and the development of new audiences. This debut festival places emerging artists within the context of broader contemporary art dialogues locally, nationally and internationally.

Through a collaborative curatorial process, the Festival co-directors are working closely with exhibiting artists and ARI directors to create a festival that presents an alternative viewpoint to the Adelaide Festival including the Adelaide Biennial and Adelaide International, and Adelaide Fringe. The festival program aims to encourage dialogue and exchange between artists and ARI spaces, and to promote audience development.

Grid Projects co-directors have curated artists through a process involving studio visits and conversation. The selected 17 artists are all South Australian based emerging and unrepresented artists. We have chosen artists who work in a variety of mediums, and who work across disciplines or collaboratively. They have been chosen for the daring and unconventional nature of their practices. The selected group have strong bodies of work that intelligently and critically speak about current and significant ‘themes’, including 21st century culture, gender, queer culture, feminism and the body, alongside artistic concerns with materiality, process and space. There is an emphasis on freshness, on works that respond to things that are happening right now. We have focused on presenting artists that have artistic merit and haven’t been ‘over exposed’.

Curators Note

What we share as co-directors of the inaugural Grid Festival is a strong collective desire to promote and cultivate the work of emerging artists and artist initiatives in our city. Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) in Adelaide are not a new thing but in recent times there have been sustained rumblings and more frequent eruptions of these spaces and some are even managing to maintain a continued critical presence. Grid Festival 2014 felt like the right way and time to celebrate this energy and share it with both Adelaides’ and the broader national arts communities.

Grid Festival 2014 will present art made by some of Adelaides most innovative and inspiring emerging artists across a growing network of artist run galleries and initiatives who are dedicated to exhibiting and promoting high quality contemporary art in South Australia.

The artists are daring and unconventional. The works aim to articulate contemporary experiences beyond words, between words, and between people. This is art through which we can experience existing beyond thought, experience the emotional, the illogical, the unintelligable aspects of contemporary life. It is about being self-conscious, self aware and the loss of subjectivity, being feminist and masculine and being outside and between, being on edge, being different and being human.


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