Meg Wilson

Grid Festival 2014

Meg Wilson

Meg Wilson is an Adelaide based artist working with textiles and installation. Her practice responds to classic horror/thriller/mystery genre films, play scripts and novels. She explores transference between mediums, misinterpretation, human behaviour, and the point of view of the outsider. Wilson cites her visual art practice, studies in interior design, and theatre prop and set design practice as mutually influential.

Employing unconventional painting techniques and highly repetitive textile processes such as knitting and weaving, she creates tactile and brightly coloured yet ‘functionless’ objects. Despite the work originating from imagery in literature, the objects avoid literal interpretation thus inviting a sensory response from the viewer. Her seemingly mundane objects are able to stimulate complex responses such as confusion, empathy, horror, and wonder.

Wilson is an honours graduate from the South Australian School of Art, Unisa (2006) and has completed further studies in interior design. Recent exhibitions have been held at Constance ARI (TAS); Mechanical Gallery (SA); Tooth and Nail (SA); Fontanelle (SA); and FELTspace public art projects. Meg Wilson is a co-director of FELTspace ARI in Adelaide.

image: Meg Wilson, Flounce, 2013, string, acrylic wool, timber and white paint, 10 x 132 x 246 cm. Installation view at Constance ARI, TAS